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About us

Expitris organizes highly effective
and up to date professional courses
through practical trainings and
workshops, interactive sessions,
game activities as well as excellent
visual effect presentations in order to
generate maximum learning
opportunities. We work with
exceptional working experienced
trainers from around the world.
Bridging Information
Information Technology
Marketing Strategies
Manufacturing Processes
IT Programs
Manufacturing Programs
Marketing Programs
In-house Programs
- IT Best Practices
- Organizing IT for Results
- IT Project Management
- Advanced IT Project Management
- IT Governance
- IT Strategic Planning
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- Lean Manufacturing (BM / English)
- 5S (BM / English)
- Value Stream Mapping
- JIT and Kanbans
- Lean Six Sigma
- Six Sigma (Belts)
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- Strategic Marketing
- Key Account Management
- Effective Pricing Strategies
- Strategic Planning
- Product Development
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- Lean Manufacturing
- 5S and TQM
- Value Stream Mapping
- Six Sigma  GB and BB
- IT Project Management
- IT Best Practices
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To keep our customers and prospects with the most updated information they need
to nourish and to blossom their business.


“To Be Competitive and Lead the Competitiveness”


“An investment in knowledge pays ..."--Benjamin Franklin
We are committed to bring the most qualified trainers, so they can share with our
clients their knowledge, practices and expertise.  


* To Our People

A commitment to build and to provide a caring, enriching and rewarding
environment for our members, as they are the spirit of our company.

* To Our Customers

A commitment to be continuously and actively engaged  with our customers, to
understand their changing needs and to provide them with excellent value-for-
money programs and services.

Love and Dedication

Our team is inspired and fully dedicated to love  what they do.
Nobody can achieve a high level of success, unless the love for what you are
doing is embedded with dedication and believe that you can achieve what you